• Plan, manage and monitor ICT infrastructure to ensure availability and implementation of ICT projects are inline with the nation’s requirement;
  • To provide IT support to accelerate R&D related to water and its environment; and
  • Supervise, implement and manage policies and guidelines on ICT Security.



Digital NAHRIM as a Platform to Empower Inclusive and Integrated Digitalization of NAHRIM

A digital repository that integrates NAHRIM’s research information, including publications in the form of journals, articles within journals, proceedings, conference papers, technical reports, and others.

  • ICT Project Implementation

    Planning, managing, and monitoring ICT infrastructure to ensure its availability for the implementation of NAHRIM’s ICT projects aligns with the national needs and innitiatives.

  • ICT Support for NAHRIM’s RDIC

    Providing information technology support services to accelerate research and development related to water and its environment.

  • Cyber Security

    Supervising, implementing, and managing ICT safety/security policies and guidelines.

The NAHRIM Digitalization Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is the main reference source for setting the comprehensive direction of NAHRIM’s ICT for a five-year period from 2021 to 2025. This strategic plan is developed to ensure continuity from the previous ICT Strategic Plan (ISP) 2017-2020 and provides guidelines for the implementation of future digitalization projects and ICT programs.

It is expected that through the development of a solid strategic plan, it will strengthen NAHRIM’s consultancy and services, especially for Research, Development, Commercialization, and Innovation (RDCI), as well as supporting the National Water Innovation Roadmap 2040.


  • Establishing a clear direction for ICT for a five-year period to help achieving NAHRIM’s vision and mission.


  • Planning business and ICT requirements involving users, networks and security, ICT equipment, applications and data, information management, and digital adoption.”


  • Applying and utilizing comprehensive ICT programs developed intensively.


  • As the primary reference source for the implementation of ICT programs at NAHRIM.


  • Strengthening the organizational structure of NAHRIM’s ICT towards modernization and digitalization.