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Perisian Tangki NAHRIM

on . Posted in Produk

Sorry, there is no Bahasa Malaysia translation available

This software was developed for the Rainwater Harvesting projects. The main purpose of this software is for predicting the size of the rainwater tank to be used for a rainwater harvesting system. This software can generate the amount of rainwater captured, total rainwater volume delivered, reliability of the system (= delivered volume / demand volume), coefficient of rainwater utilization, storage efficiency, percentage time of tank empty. Twenty years of rainfall data for different cities/towns throughout Malaysia are available in this software.

This software is meant to be a guide in estimating the size of the rainwater tank with its respective reliability. The use of this software and the accompanying results thereof are the sole responsibility of the users. NAHRIM will not be held responsible for any consequences arising from its use.


Download : Perisian Tangki NAHRIM

Documentation: Installation Guide



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