Muat turun Kertas Pembentangan PHYMAT 2018

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PHYMAT 20181129

 CPD HOURS: 6. 5th National Seminar On Physical Modelling Application & Technology (PHYMAT) 2018. 5 - 6 Disember 2018.

Berikut adalah senarai kertas pembentangan yang telah dibuat pada seminar tersebut (boleh dimuat turun):
1. Flood Flow Behaviour In Riparian Vegetated Sandy Bed Channel
Dr. Mohamad Hidayat Jamal
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2. Integrated Tidal Marine Turbine for Power Generation with Coastal Erosion Breakwater 
Dr. Mohd Khairi Abu Husain
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

A Physical Modelling of Wave Transmission Due to Low Density Porous Submerged Breakwater
Dr. Mohd Shahrizal Ab Razak
Universiti Putra Malaysia

4. Three-Dimensional Flow Measurement with Acoustic Doppler Velocimter (ADV)
Dr. Mohd Sofiyan Sulaiman
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
5. Wave Energy Harvesting System Development
Ir. Icahri Hj. Chatta
6. An Evolution of Artificial Reefs for Protection, Mitigation and Restoration
Ir. Norzana Mohd Anuar

7. Assessing the Stability and Efficiency of NEXC Block as an Innovative Coastal Protection Structure in a Wave Flume
Ahmad Hadi Mohamed Rashidi

The Development of the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project 
A J Brown and I C Cruickshank
HR Wallingford

9. A Study of Cascade Aerator Model for Groundwater Treatment
Rhahimi Jamil
Universiti Sains Malaysia
10. Hydraulic Performance Evaluation for Different Grate Configuration
Sarah Alia Md Wakif
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11. Wave Overtopping on NEXC Block Using Coastal Basin
Yannie Anak Benson 

12. Physical Modelling Development in Malaysian IHL
Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Othman Abd Karim
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Physical Hydraulics Flood Inundation Study by Drone Image Measurement Method
Prof. Dr. Ismail Abustan 
Universiti Sains Malaysia