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Download Presentation Papers - Seminar On Groundwater Resources "Research & Development (R&D) In Groundwater Resource Towards It's Sustainable Development"

on . Posted in Arkib Aktiviti 2012

Tiada terjemahan dalam bahasa Malaysia disediakan.



List of Presentation Papers
1. Keynote 1: R&D In Groundwater: Trends and Advances 
Dr. Saim Suratman

2. Keynote 2: Groundwater Recharge: A Review and Practical Example
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Yusoff
Geology Dept, UM
3. Minimal Geological Data for Modelling Complex Hydrogeological System
Janmaizatulriah Jani, David N Lerner & Steve Wise
UiTM & University of Sheffield
4. A Challenge and Trend of Hydrogeological Research Development in Langat Basin, Malaysia
Dr. May Raksmey
Faculty of Civil Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam
5. Removing of Pollutants Using Physical Model of River Bank Filteration
Mohd Nordin Adlan, Nor Izana Abd Aziz, Puganeshwary a/p Palaniandy, Saim Suratman
6. Groundwater Forensics: Identification Spatial Source of Variation for Hydrogeochemistry
Sharifah Mohammad Sharif

7. Some Aspects of Research Works in Groundwater Resource Exploration and Development in JMG
Mohammed Hatta Abd Karim 
8. Riverbank Infiltration and Seawater Intrusion Studies Using Geo-Electrical Method
Mohamad Faizal Tajul Baharuddin
9. Groundwater Resources Study Using Geophysical Technique: Some Case Studies
Rahman Yaccup, PhD
Agensi Nuklear Malaysia, MOSTI
10. Geostatistical and Geochemical Analysis of Groundwater Composition in Small Island Aquifer
11. Application of Environmental Isotopes and Colloidal Borescope System (CBS) in Groundwater Study
Kamarudin Samsuding, Mohd Tadza Abdul Rahman & Roslanzairi Mostapa
E-TAG, Agensi Nuklear Malaysia
12. The Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity of Alluvial Aquifer Using Grain-Size Analysis
Ismail Tawnie, Mohd Yusuf Che Sulaiman, Ismail Yusuff, Hafizan Juahir, Saim Suratman
13. Reliability of Using Non-Destructive Method for Groundwater Level Detection
Haryati Awang & Siti Norizan Mohd Ali

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