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Technical Visit by Director General of NAHRIM to Ankara, Turkey. October 9, 2014.

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    On October 9, 2014, NAHRIM delegation led by Datuk Ir. Hj. Ahmad Jamalluddin bin Shaaban, Director General of NAHRIM with Prof. Dr. Nasehir Khan bin E.M Yahaya, Director of the River Basin Research Centre visited the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI), Middle East Technical University (METU), DOLSAR INC. CO., and Office of the Malaysian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

    NAHRIM's delegation met the Deputy General Director of DSI, Mr. Guven Karacuha to establish technical and research cooperation with the DSI in the preparation of river basin plans, research of hydro dams and capacity building.
    During the visit to DSI, NAHRIM delegation were introduced to:
    1. Mr. Tuncer Dincergok, Deputy Head of Department, Department of Dams and Hydroelectric Power Plants and also the Secretary General of Turkish Commission on Large Dams (TRCOLD) briefed on constructing dams, hydroelectric power plants and dam safety management practices in Turkey.
   2. Dr. Vehbi Ozaydin, Deputy Head of Department, Department of Technical Research and Quality Control and Dr. Gaglar Ozcan explained about laboratory-scale experiments and simulations using FLOW-3D. The explanation and discussion were very useful in order for NAHRIM to become a leading hydraulics research centre.
    3. Dr. Hakan Aksu, Section Director of Investigation, Planning and Allocation Department, International Hydrological Activities Section briefed on master plans and feasibility reports to determine the optimal solutions of water resources project in the river basins.
    4. NAHRIM delegation visited the construction site of 30 km long water transfer tunnel in Ankara City. The tunnel was constructed to divert water during heavy rains and snow melt to meet Ankara water supply needs.
     NAHRIM’s delegation visited Middle East Technical University, METU in Ankara. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yalciner, the Chairman of Civil Engineering and Director of Engineering Oceanography introduced his department and several laboratories in METU.

      Laboratories visited by NAHRIM’s delegation:
       1. Structure and Earthquake Engineering Research Centre Lab
       2. Hydraulic Engineering Research Centre Lab
       3. Ocean Engineering Research Centre Lab

     On the last day of visit to Ankara, the NAHRIM visited DOLSAR Engineering INC. CO., a well-known consultant which have experienced in designing and construction of hydropower plant and dam. DOLSAR delegation headed by Mr. Sinan Aker, Deputy Chairman of the Board DOLSAR briefed on the design of a large-scale dams.

     NAHRIM delegation made a courtesy visit to Malaysian Ambassador, Mr. Amran Mohamed Zin in Ankara. The discussion was about the role of NAHRIM and purpose of trip to Turkey.

      This technical visit achieved the main objective of fostering bilateral relations with the DSI, METU and DOLSAR for future research collaboration in river basin management, dams and oceanography.


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