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Catchment Flow Estimator

on . Posted in Software


By using this software, we can easily determine the discharge value of rainfall runoff. Basically, the program is using the Rational Method formula to estimate the peak discharge. But there is limitation of this formula whereby it is satisfactory to calculate discharge on small catchments of up to 80 hectares only. By default, this software has automatically stored the IDF coefficient values for major cities and towns in Malaysia into the computer. Thus, user can easily select the location to get the IDF coefficient then calculate the rainfall runoff discharge. The other function of this software is it can edit, add and remove the stored internal IDF database from the computer. It also can save the database into other external file. The calculation formula and the IDF coefficients for major cities and towns in Malaysia are referred from MASMA (Manual Saliran Mesra Alam Malaysia).
Download Catchment Flow Estimator v1.0 software [DOWNLOAD]


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