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Research and Development Project Management Workshop, Residence Hotel UNITEN. 19-21 April 2011.

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      Project Management is an important process in managing, allocating, timing andplanning of resources such as human, financial, materials, methods and machinery toachieve the project objectives efficiently. It is a widely used method especially inconstruction projects. However, it is also practical to be applied in Research andDevelopment project as it is a comprehensive monitoring tools to help in meeting thetime line within the approved budget.
     National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) through Research Centrefor River Management has successfully organised a 3 days ‘Research andDevelopment Project Management Workshop’ from 19 to 21 April 2011 at ResidenceHotel, UNITEN to enlighten all participants on the project management skills in R & D. Atotal of 20 research officers from various technical divisions in NAHRIM have attendedthe workshop. The course was delivered by Ir. Dr. Ahmad Zainal Abidin, GeneralManager of Renewable Energy Research Centre from SIRIM.
      This workshop has achieved its objective to expose all participants to techniques andknowledge involving in project management. Besides the lectures, all participants werealso given the opportunity to practice project management on a chosen project. Allknowledge gained from the workshop will be useful for the researchers in managing their research activities in a more systematic way.
Participants during the R & D Project Management Workshop.


Group presentation during the workshop.


Lecture by Ir. Dr. Ahmad Zainal Abidin from SIRIM.


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