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Research And Development On Green House Gas Emission And Field Water Management in Peatland - Site Visit To Sibu And Betong, Sarawak. 3-5 May 2011.

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      Global warming and Green House Gas emission from developments in peat areas are some of the issues of concern of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Hence, NAHRIM has been asked to carry out R&D in the related fields to assist in the management and sustainable development of peatland.
      In order for the study team to appreciate the challenges involved in the development and management of peatland, a visit to Sibu and Betong, Sarawak has been conducted on the 3rd to the 5th May 2011. The site visit was arranged by the Research Centre for River Management, NAHRIM with the cooperation of Tropical Peat Research Laboratory Unit, Chief Minister’s Department, Sarawak State Government and the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sarawak (DID) especially DID Sibu/Kapit and DID Betong. The site visit was also attended by the Director-General of NAHRIM.
      Two oil palm plantations with various degree of development, namely Naman Oil Palm Plantation in Sibu and Cermat Ceria in Betong were visited. Both plantations are also sites for observatory towers as high as 50 metres set up by the Tropical Peat Research Laboratory Unit. The towers are equipped with a number of measuring devices including equipment for carbon dioxide emission.
      The site visit ended with a meeting on the 5th May with the Tropical Peat Research Laboratory Unit, Department of Irrigation and Drainage and Department of Agriculture Sarawak to discuss potential collaborative research areas.



Briefing by Dr. Lulie Melling, Director of Tropical Peat Research Laboratory in Naman Oil Palm Plantation.

Betong4Research site at Cermat Ceria Logged-over forest.



Groundwater level monitoring station.






A 40m observatory tower at Naman Oil Palm Plantation.





Group photo in Betong, Sarawak.







Study team members who made it up to 10 m up the observatory tower.





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