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Report on 15th International Rainwater Catchment System Conference Taipei, Taiwan (Republic Of China).28 March-3 April 2011.

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      NAHRIM Director General, Ir Haji Ahmad Jamalluddin bin Shaaban and Haji Jabir bin Kardi, Senior Researcher, from Water Resources Research Center have attended and participated in the 15th ‘International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association Conference’ held in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC) from 28 Mac to 3 April 2011.
      The Conference which was held previously in Kuala Lumpur in 2009 was attended by 100 participants from all over the world including China, Mexico, United States, France, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Philipines, Singapore and others. Malaysia was represented by 5 participants fron government and private sectors.
      The conference theme was "Worldwide Multi-objective Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization".
      More than 40 papers of various categories were presented during the conference. The papers touched on matters related to the management and utilization of rainwater harvesting including:
  • Domestic / agricultural / industrial / commercial usages .

  • Promotion / implementation / educational programs

  • Disaster prevention and mitigation 
  • Ecological / environmental issues

  • Green building / energy coupling

  • Landscape / recreational purposes

      Ir Haji Ahmad presented a technical paper ‘Potential of Catchment Wide Rainwater Harvesting System for Flash Flood Reduction in the Damansara River Catchment, Selangor Malaysia’. Another paper was presented by Haji Jabir titled ‘Rainwater Harvesting System at National Zoo of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
      The active participation of Malaysia as a country in promoting rainwater harvesting was recognized by International rainwater catchment Systems Association (IRCSA). Malaysia especially NAHRIM have a very close rapport with IRCSA and others associations or institutions worldwide with regard to the research and activities in the field.
      There have been very close interaction among the participants during the conference. Knowledge and experiences were shared and discussed and can be tried and practiced in Malaysia..


Conference Opening Ceremony.


Participants of the conference listened to the participant presenting the paper.


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