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Majlis Pelancaran dan Perasmian Rakan NRE-Peningkatan Aras Laut (SLR) di Pantai Puteri, Kampung Santubong, Kuching Pada 9 April 2016 oleh YB Menteri Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar

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  The launching and officiating of the Rakan NRE – Pengingkatan Aras Laut (SLR) was held at 9 April 2016 at Pantai Puteri, Kampung Santubong, Kuching. The program began with an opening speech by YBhg Datuk Ir. Haji Ahmad Jamalluddin Bin Shaaban, Director General of National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) followed by speech of Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister Office and Environment of Sarawak, YB Datu Haji Len Talif Salleh. The program continued with the inauguration speech and launching ceremony by the Honorable Dato Sri Dr. Haji Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar.

  The purpose of this program is to foster bilateral relations between communities and government agencies to provide awareness and information relating to the impact of sea level rise on the socio-economic activities especially those living in coastal areas. In addition, this program also disseminates information to the public about the impacts of sea level rise towards livelihood. According to a study conducted by NAHRIM, it is estimated approximately 1.5 million people nationwide will be affected due to rising sea levels by the year 2100. The study also estimated that as many as 90,000 people in Sarawak will be affected in 2060 and the number will increase to 200,000 people by 2100 if no adaptation and mitigation measures taken.

  The program was attended by over two hundred guests consisting of several departments and agencies under the NRE, representatives from the state government departments and local people from neighboring villages. In addition, the Minister also presented letters of appointment and souvenirs to nine Rakan NRE in this pilot program and subsequent press conference was carried out before lunch. Following implementation, nine representatives who have been appointed are responsible for reporting and monitoring the situation of sea level at their respective village. The input from the Rakan NRE will be used by NAHRIM to prepare the Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan for Sarawak and all the states in Malaysia.

  Based on the feedback from the guests attended, this program somehow gave public awareness on safety measures and in taking care on the welfare of the people living near coastal areas. Regular monitoring of this phenomenon can guarantee the welfare of Malaysians in terms of socio-economic, environmental and social activities that will be inherited by future generations.



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