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SMADRAT is an acronym for Smart Drainage Trap. It is a gross pollutant trap device which was developed by NAHRIM in collaboration with MUSLIM GLOBAL INTELEK SDN BHD. Other than litters, SMADRAT is also capable to trap sediment and oil & grease.


SMADRAT is made of reinforced concrete, fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) and consist of 3 separate compartments to trap litters, sediment and oil & grease. The bottom part of such device was designed in such a way that allowing water seeping out and infiltrate into the ground as groundwater. SMADRAT has been paten at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia with an application number of PI20095661. Among the advantages of the SMADRAT are as follows:


  • Capable to trap litters, sediment, oil and grease
  • Provided with the emergency spillway to allow excess water flowing through during the storm event
  • Allow the process of infiltration at the bottom part of it, thus contribute to groundwater recharging 
  • Easily maintained
  • Cost effective


SMADRAT has achieved an international recognition when it was conferred Gold Medal for Excellent in Industrial Category’ and also a Special Award 'Double Gold for Innovation in Environmental Engineering' in the British Invention Show and Awards 2012’ (BIS) which was held from 24 October to 27 October 2012 in London, United Kingdom.  In the event, SMADRAT had achieved a great success with ‘Gold Medal for Excellent in Industrial Category’ and 'Double Gold for Innovation in Environmental Engineering'.


This recognition proves that the product of NAHRIM i.e SMADRAT has a high standard in design, innovation and value to the environment. The product   will then be commercialised as an agreement between NAHRIM and Muslim Global Intelek (MGI) has duly signed on 29 January 2013.



Cross Section of SMADRAT




 SMADRAT: View from top




Prototype of SMADRAT with the plaque and certificate won during "BIS 2012"





Director General of NAHRIM with NAHRIM's officers during "BIS 2012"







For more information, please contact Research Centre for River Management at:

pks at nahrim dot gov dot my




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