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Seminar on Research in Sea Level Rise & Adaptation Measures by Research Centre for Coastal Management and Prof. Dr. John Alexander Church. February 26, 2013.

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    On 26th February 2013, a national seminar on 'Research in Sea Level Rise & Adaptation Measures' was organized by Research Center for Coastal Management of NAHRIM. The seminar was attended by 150 participants from government agencies, private sectors and local universities.

    An expert from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Prof. Dr. John Alexander Church was invited as the main presenter and panel in this seminar. His expertise is in the area of ocean in climate, particularly anthropogenic climate change and sea level rise. He also has published numerous books and reports on oceanography. He was a co-convening author for the Chapter on Sea Level in the IPCC 3rd Assessment Report and currently involve in the 5th IPCC Assessment Report which to be published by the end of September 2013.
    The objective of the seminar is to share expertise and experience related to the sea level rise study and findings done by experts in Australia and Malaysia. This seminar also is the venue for NAHRIM to present research outcome in the topic of sea level rise in Malaysia coastline to the public.
   The seminar was commenced by the welcoming speech by the Director General of NAHRIM, Ir. Hj. Ahmad Jamalluddin Bin Shaaban, followed by the officiating speech by Honorable Dato' Dr. Mohd Ali Bin Mohamad Nor ,Deputy Secretary General (Natural Resources), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Malaysia. The first presentation was delivered by Prof. Dr. John. Alexander Church entitled The Global Average of Sea Level Rise Research Centre for Coastal Management.
   The second session begins with a technical paper delivered by Ir. Hj. Mohd Radzi Bin Abdul Hamid, Director for Research Centre for Coastal Management of NAHRIM with the title Sea Level Rise Research in Malaysia. The content of the presentation focused on the overview of sea level rise studies that has been carried out by NAHRIM in Malaysia. The second technical paper was presented by Mdm. Nor Aslinda Binti Awang, Senior Research Officer at Research Centre for Coastal Management of NAHRIM with the title The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Selected Location. Through this presentation, Mdm. Aslinda had presented the case studies conducted by NAHRIM on the impact of sea level rise along Batu Pahat and Port Klang coastlines. Prof. Dr. John A. Church then presented this second paper entitled Regional Issues, Extreme Events, Local Impacts Studies and Adaptation Measures. He shared his experiences and on the methods to overcome the sea level rise issues along the Australia coastlines. He also mentioned about the adaptation measures that had been carried out in Australia.
   The seminar was concluded by a panel discussion session which chaired by the Director General of NAHRIM, Ir. Hj. Ahmad Jamalluddin Bin Shaaban. Panels invited in this discussion were Prof. Dato' Dr. Azizan Bin Hj. Abu Samah from Universiti Malaya (UM), Dr. Kamaludin Bin Hassan from Department of Minerals and Geoscience Malaysia (JMG), Ir. Hj. Mohd Radzi Bin Abdul Hamid from NAHRIM and Prof. Dr. John Alexander Church. From this discussion, the panels emphasized the need of comprehensive cooperation and collaboration from the relevant agencies to have a detailed study in reviewing the issue of climate change that lead to the increasing of sea level in Malaysia.
   In conclusion, the seminar had highlighted important information and knowledge to enhance understanding of the sea level rise issue, particularly along the coastal areas in Malaysia. The involvement of participants from various agencies and universities are expected to promote further collaboration between NAHRIM and other research center locally and at international level.



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