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YB. Dato Sri Douglas Uggah Embas, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Launches NAHRIM Water Quality Laboratory. March 29, 2012.

on . Posted in Archives of Activities 2012

The NAHRIM Water Quality Laboratory (MKA) was launched on March 29, 2012 by YB. Dato Sri Douglas Uggah Embas, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). The laboratory which completed its construction in 2011 will provide water quality analysis services and coupled with related research to assist Malaysia in formulating national policies and direction in addressing issues arising in connection with water quality as well as develop green technology in treating water quality from various water sources such as rain, rivers, land and marine. The opening ceremony was attended by over 250 people from various ministries, government agencies, private sector, NGOs, consultants and institutions of higher learning.
A memorandum of understanding also signed between NAHRIM and Universiti Tun Hussein Onn (UTHM) during the ceremony. The MoU aims to strengthen cooperation between the two parties in civil engineering and environment towards the conservation and sustainable environmental management in line with socio-economic development.

YB. Dato Sri Douglas Uggah Embas and attendees also have the opportunity to enjoy bottled treated rainwater which is the latest product of NAHRIM named Tropical Rainforest Cloud Juice before visiting facilities and ongoing research in the laboratory. The ceremony was concluded with the handing over prizes to the winners of water quiz which was conducted during visit to the water quality laboratory.

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