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NAHRIM Director General’s Visit to HR Wallingford, Howbery Park, Wallingford, United Kingdom. 1- 7 April 2012.

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On 1st to 7th April 2012, Ir. Hj. Ahmad Jamalluddin b. Shaaban, Director General of NAHRIM together with Ir. Mohd Fauzi b. Mohamad, Director of Hydraulic & Instrumentation Laboratory, NAHRIM visited HR Wallingford (HRW), Howbery Park, Wallingford, United Kingdom. The purposes of the visit are as follows:-
  • To witness the Preliminary Acceptance Test (PAT) of Flume Wave Generator Equipments for Multipurpose Flume Project, NAHRIM;
  • Return visit to HR Wallingford due to visit by MD of HRW to NAHRIM in 2011;
  • To establish contact, cooperation and collaboration between HRW and NAHRIM especially in the area of Physical Hydraulic Modelling; and
  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences in Physical and Numerical Hydraulic Modelling with experts in HRW.
The programme started with the introduction of delegates to HRW management representatives followed with the first part of the visit which was focussed on the Flume Wave Generator Equipment testing. This consists of the brief introduction by Ashley Cooper and Simon Tiedman, HRW;
i. on the equipment; the components and their functions,
ii. testing procedures, and,
iii. testing of functionality and performance of the equipment. At the end of the testing program, a meeting was held to discuss and confirm the testing results..
This was then followed by a guided tour to the HRW Hydraulics Laboratory and briefing by Dr. Keith A Powell (HRW Director) on the laboratory facilities which comprises of Coastal, Port & Harbour Basins, Flumes and other Hydraulics Structure facilities. The briefing also touches on the ongoing physical modelling projects and product testing such as Flood Door and equipment invention.
The Malaysian delegation was then briefed by HRW experts on their areas of expertise which includes;
i. Sediment Transport Study by Tim Chesher (Group Manager, Coasts & Estuaries, HRW),
ii. Flood Protection by Andrew Tagg (Group Manager, Flood Management, HRW),
iii. Climate Change Study by Prof Ian Townend (Research Director, HRW),
Environmental Study by Valarie Bain (Senior Scientist, Environment Group, HRW). The delegates were also briefed on the Ship simulation facilities by J W L Clarke (Principal Scientist, HRW) that are capable of simulating the real sea condition in the Laboratory..
At the end of the visit, the document on the tested equipment were signed as an endorsement that the testing was successfully done and accepted. The equipment was then packed for shipment to NAHRIM.

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