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Technical Visit by Director General of NAHRIM to Sungai Pinang Rehabilitation Project Site, April 27, 2012.

on . Posted in Archives of Activities 2012

      The Director General of NAHRIM Ir. Hj. Ahmad Jamalluddin bin Shaaban together with four researchers were in Penang on 27th April 2012 for a technical visit to one of the seven most polluted rivers in Malaysia - Sg. Pinang. The visit was meant for obtaining information and knowledge on infinitesimal Quantum Persistent Reflection (iQPR) technology’s ability to improve the Sg. Pinang water quality and reduce the bad odours.
      iQPR technology is a non-conventional radiation and capable to modify the properties of molecule structure with no harmful effects to the human being. The special iQPR 3-D geometric plates are the important components to generate micro-fission chain reaction of the mineral water within the reaction space by controlling the reaction time and sequence. This formulated mineral water (by applying iQPR reactions) or iQPR solution is claimed has smaller water molecule cluster and may have higher amount of dissolved oxygen, stronger permeability, higher solubility and may cause the phenomena of acceleration of particle spins.
     The energy from iQPR solution then can interact the water bodies and soils; and break down the pollutants in order to improve the quality of river water and reduce the bad odours. This visit has given the opportunity for information exchange and experience between NAHRIM and the STS Solutions Sdn Bhd as well as DID regarding the environmental-friendly technology use which has potential for river pollution as well as industrial, agricultural and wastewater treatment..

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