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Director General of NAHRIM Technical Visited Marine Department of Malaysia, Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, 5 March 2012.

on . Posted in Archives of Activities 2012

A technical visit led by the Director General of NAHRIM, YBhg. Ir. Hj. Ahmad Jamalluddin bin Shaaban to Marine Department of Malaysia, Pelabuhan Klang was held on 5th March 2012. This visit is to initiate cooperation between Marine Department and NAHRIM in sharing hydrographical data and marine information in order to gain maximum benefits.
This is part of NAHRIM programs to promote research and development consultancy and services provided by Coastal Research Centre (PKP), at the same time promoting the research facilities available in NAHRIM’s Hydraulic and Instrumentation Laboratory (MHI). The visit was also accompanied by Ir. Hj. Mohd Radzi bin Abd. Hamid, Director of PKP, Ir. Hj. Mohd Fauzi bin Mohamad, Director of MHI, Tn. Hj. Abdul Mubin bin Harun, Director of Planning And Evaluation Division (BPP) and several other senior researcher. Marine Department was represented by Tn. Hj. Baharin bin Dato’ Abdul Hamid (Deputy Director General), Tuan. Haji. Ahmad Khairudin bin Ismail (Director, Maritime Industrial Control Division), Tuan Haji Rossid bin Musa (Director, Safety of Navigation Division), Mr. Hazman bin Hussein (Director, Management Services Division), Tn. Haji Ramli bin Ahmad (Director, Maritime Transport Training Institute), Tn Haji Khairudin bin Abbas (Principal Assistant Director of Human Resources Management Unit), Tn. Hj. Mohd Hafiz bin Abdul Majid (Principal Assistant Director, Policy Planning, Development & International Unit), Mr. Arumugam a/l V.S Subramaniam (Principal Assistant Director, Maritime Safety Unit) and Mdm. Norshazila binti Ahmad (Assistant Public Relations Officer).
During the visit, Marine Department gave a short briefing on their organization structure, core business, function and their services. A briefing was also presented by NAHRIM on its function, administration structure, MHI facilities and research studies such as Hydraulic Study For Runaway Extension of Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu, The Study of The Impact of Sea Level Rise Due To Climate Change In Malaysia, Hydrodynamic Modelling For Capital Dreging Of Penang Straits For Penang Port Authority and Identifying Mangrove Plots Through Hydraulic Assessments.
The discussion concluded that the involvement of NAHRIM-Marine Department should be maintained so that data sharing in bathymetry, tides, navigation charts and the ocean environmental data can be used in planning and long-term research. Highlighted possible areas of the cooperation in future research are :-
i. Data sharing in hydro graphic survey/bathymetry,
ii.Potential and the opportunity to undertake numerical and physical modelling for the projects of Marine Department such as construction of jetties, marinas and other related structures.,
iii.Study of the marine environment due to migration of alien microorganisms species in ballast water discharge by foreign ships while in Malaysian water.
iv.Providing technical support in seeking for alternative water supplies such as the first flush product of rain harvesting in lighthouses and buildings in remote location under the supervision of the Marine Department which there are no water sources.

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