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Director General of NAHRIM Visit to Water Supply Department Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, September 28, 2012.

on . Posted in Archives of Activities 2012

    As NAHRIM policy and aspiration to be a premier research institution in the region, NAHRIM also embarks on promotion activities to promote and offer the NAHRIM expertise and facilities to water related government agencies and private sector.

    One of such promotion activity was a visit that was conducted on 28th September 2012 to Water Supply Department (WSD), Putrajaya. Director General of NAHRIM, Ir Haji Ahmad Jamalluddin bin Shaaban together with Director of Planning and Evaluation Division, Tn Hj Abdul Mubin Harun; Director of Research Centre for Geohydrology, Dr. Hj. Saim Suratman; Director of Research Centre for Hydraulic Laboratory and Instrumentation, Ir. Hj. Mohd Fauzi Mohamad and other senior researchers had the opportunity to visit the department renowned as the country’s main supplier for treated water.
    Program of the visit was preceded with introduction session by Ir. Dr. Hasnul Mohamad Salleh , Director General of WSD, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water followed by presentation on the functions and on-going project done by WSD. NAHRIM also gave a short presentation on hydraulic laboratory and instrumentation facilities and the related studies including physical model and the lake studies. Knowledge sharing and potential collaboration R&D on water related studies were the fruitful subject discussion and an eye opening experiences gained during the visit.



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